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Siobhan Callahan's Journal
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Friday, September 5th, 2003
12:44 am
Oh, sweet Virgin, bloody Circe, oh, hell. I don't know what I did to deserve the kind of luck I've got but, if I did, I might confess to some of the horrible things I did to the nuns back in school. Honest, Sister Mary, I don't know how that worm got in that apple. I'm sorry. Forgive me. I shouldn't have.

Like it matters. Like much of anything matters now. I was so very miserable and the people I liked most were so very miserable and people that I weren't sure about were, maybe, miserable but I wasn't sure. But it's all being fixed up now. Caio and I had a long talk and we're friends again though I think he's still awfully miserable and, heaven help me, I want to lock half his house in a closet with my mam because they're treating him right awful and he doesn't deserve it. He really is a sweet lad and people generally have him all wrong. Usually. Well, okay, so he has done awful things but he's just as good as Tanzy says he is deep-down. I think he misses her, though. They haven't gotten to hang out much. What with this huge mess and Caio's temper and... I still want to do horrible things to Edwards and I'm starting to think bubotuber pus should just be a warm-up. Bitch.

But... Oh, sweet Circe, I think I'm almost, nearly, maybe falling for a certain housemate of Caio's. He doesn't like the idea, of course, and I had to promise to rip off the lad in question's bollocks should he ever hurt me intentionally but... Christian de Monet will never hurt me on purpose ever again. I just know it. He's already had to apologize once. I have the rose pressed in my journal here and I plan on keeping it forever. The sonnet, too. And him.

Oh, hell, can that boy kiss. Stupid Snape. He showed up too soon. But it was sweet how Christian was so worried about me getting in trouble. I don't want him getting in trouble either. So I'll behave. I'll only tell Caio and Tanzy and I won't even tell Caio everything because I don't want him worrying. I'm a big girl, after all.

You know, if everything could be this easy, I

Oh, shite. Here comes the gossip. No, not about me. About poor Tanzy and that housemate of hers. If he really hurt her, I'll kill him have words with him. I'm hoping the poor lass is just worn out and realizes she needs to rest now, though. I know she's been worried sick over me and Caio and George and who knows who else? Little idjit.

Something's going around, too, about some Gryff wanting to beat up Cooper. Who the hell would want to beat up Cooper? That lad's about as offensive as a piece of toast. Worse thing he's ever done is murder that song by what's their names? Gomez. He's a right pet. I hope it's all just talk and wind.

Now I think I'll play with Lady and read a bit. I think I have a new Amanda Quick to get through.

But, mmm, kisses. Very, very, very nice kisses. We'll have to see when we can spend some time together again. Hope it's not all limited to detentions or some such.

Current Mood: giggly
Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
11:00 pm
Sweet Mother, Merlin, and Morgan...
I don't know what happened. I don't know where it went wrong or where I lost the plot or where I sort of stepped out of my body and just watched it all happen and snowball.

I'll admit it. I messed up. Quite badly. I should have stayed with Caio. I told him I was going to and I had planned on it and I wanted to. The day I got him to ask me - I can still remember it and it feels good. Not just good in the "I won" sort of way. It feels good in a wanted way, in a... I'm not making sense, no. All I know is I -do- fancy Caio. I can't quite say why I fancy him like I do, though. No, that's a lie. I can. He's handsome and charming and funny and he dances so well and is affectionate and appreciative and... I can spend hours with him and never be bored and, really, there aren't that many people that fit that for me. I know he's done some awful things. Some of them aren't true. Some of them are. Hell, enough of them are to have me thinking about being careful. Or to have a few nosey bodies dropping hints about watching myself. And now I find out that there are a few rumors going around about -us-. I wonder if they have us shagging yet.

Oh, sweet Mother Mary, no. I can't think like that or I want to scream. He wouldn't let rumors like that go around. I know he wouldn't. I trust him. Why? Because I do. Strangely, because Tanzy does, too. Which makes no sense because, hell, she trusts -everyone- at first. She would trust Grainne.

The bitch. I -hate- her. I hate hate hate her. Yes, I was in the wrong. No, I shouldn't have let Christian kiss me or touch me like that. But that's -my- business and I would have told Caio about it. I would have apologized.

I don't even know why I -let- him at all. Honestly. Any other boy who tried that, I would've knocked him on his arse. But not him. Why not? It was like I was watching myself, watching some sort of... Circe's tits, some kind of romantic movie. The flowers, the moon, the stars... -Him-.

What the hell is it about him? Sure, he's gorgeous. Charming when he wants to be and, Virgin Mother, he -wanted- to be tonight. The accent kills me, of course. The way I don't know what he's thinking at any single point in time. Mum always said I read too many of those books and was a little idiot. I hope that's all this is. The forbidden Rake/Rogue stuff in the books. I can ignore that. Anyway, he kissed me and then blew it off when Caio threatened him. Said I wasn't worth it. Oh, bloody hell, if I had let him do anything else... I still wouldn't have been worth it. He would've still said that. I still would have just been this -thing- for him. I didn't matter to him and that... Hurts.

It hurts a hell of a lot more than it should, considering he -wasn't- my date or, I suppose, not even a friend. Why should I care what he thinks of me? Why should I care if he slags me off or refuses to explain himself to me or Caio?

I -don't-. I swear I don't.

Sweet Mother Mary, Merlin, and Morgan.

I liked that kiss and I do care and it I don't care and I won't and he can rot in hell.

I need to apologize to Caio and make it right with him.

Current Mood: frustrated
Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
10:41 pm
Attention all students,

Grainne Edwards is a snarky, wicked bitch who has been blessed with more looks than heart or brains. Not that everyone didn't know that already. Even Tanzy's figuring it out.

Though you do have to give it to her that she somehow makes people ignore her complete and utter self-involvement enough that she's managed to tart her way through some of the absolute most charming lads in this school.

Oh! And I found my black velvet choker at the bottom of my jewelry box. Perfect for the dress. Caio Ballesteros, brace yourself. We're going to have some fun.
Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
12:06 am
All Hail The Queen!
And I've -done- it! I knew if I went in fearless and played it just right I'd get it. That's right. Caio Ballesteros is taking -me- to the Valentine's Day Ball. Me! Me, Siobhan Callahan. I'm being taken by Caio "God, I'm sexy" Ballesteros.

And he's so not going to regret it. Not a bit. I'm going to knock him two steps back. I'm going to look -that- good. Good thing I packed that little black dress I picked up over Christmas break. Mum says it's too short but I have a feeling it's just the right length in Caio's estimation.

This is going to be -so- much fun.

And Tanzy's going with George Weasley. Very cute. Now if I can just convince her that a ballet top and broomstick skirt are not dressy enough. Let me tell you. If I have my way, George Weasley will be in a puddle at her feet.

Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, March 27th, 2003
11:59 pm
I'm going to do it...
Honest. This is just getting -silly-. The ball is coming up and I still don't have a boy to take me. Okay, so I turned down Danny Carmichal but, really, he's not my type at all. He's better for Emily. They'll be cute together.

But the final thing is... I guess -I'm- going to have to do the asking with -some- people. I think I'll ask Tanzy for tips. She knows Caio well enough. He even went home with her for Christmas... And it's only because I know she's not that kind of girl that I don't think anything happened up there. Caio's legendary (and, really, he's so terribly cute that what girl -wouldn't- fall over herself for a kiss) and a total, well, RAKE.

I'll get Tanzy's help. She'll have some good ideas.

Current Mood: determined
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